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About US

About Us

    Eaknow is the brand of choice for companies and organizations that recognise the value of a smart and consistently well presented team.

    Eaknow garments and Footwear are made to the highest standards. They’re built to perform, as well as to look good, feel good, wear after wear, wash after wash, maximising their lifetime value.
    Eaknow’s policy is to achieve quality through value, and it’s more affordable than you might think.
    Eaknow designs, produces merchandise across the world. We’ll help you strengthen your brand’s position, boost its value, broaden your global reach, attract new customers and, most importantly, increase your profits.
    We are according to standards  production process to control quality . All staffs carefully monitor production and assure a high level of finished products.  Eaknow’s workforce has been in  quality, price and delivery  to our customer’s commitment, which is no best, only better.
It’s a competitive market so we thoroughly appreciate it when brands choose to work with us. We return the compliment by giving our absolute all to every piece of work – whether it’s designing a new product or accessories
    Committed to giving it our all
    Every member of our team, from designers to packers, commits to following our brand values:
    • Passion :    we’ll put everything into our work to get you the very best results.
    • Creativity:   we’re open-minded, flexible and think differently.
    • Ownership:  we’ll take responsibility for ensuring your success.
    • Teamwork: we’ll work closely with everyone involved to achieve your goals.


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